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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 28, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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be >>: a big rig overturns on interstate 5-80 in the east bay. we're live with an update coming up. bell a man is dead and others inured after a lightning strike during a rare southern california thunderstorm. and an east bay state senator believes work done and how he wants to launch a criminal investigation. (male announcer) this is your bay area news, kron 4 news starts now >>: when this truck overturned this morning that blocked all of the lanes. here you can see the truck on its side. that has spilled its load in the lane and most of it is then
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moved to the east on the shoulder getting this cleared will be a problem. i'm wondering why they had the alliance shutdown and why that don't open up the roadway and allow traffic to clear and there was this letter this morning. >>: you can see behind me the truck behind me is still on that side. no one is really of around it at this time. the seat chp said it can be shut down for the next three to four hours. so the investigation continues
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before he can move and. let me move the camera, i came here at 4:20am and it took me 90 minutes to get to this location appeare. i'll try to se exactly why it's taking so long. people are just up in traffic bumper to bumper. they that passes location then stepped on the gas but to get to this location you will be going to allow for our-2 mph.
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>>: fax them if you can and why does that open bolt ridgway and then have the traffic clear out? we will give that answer it later >>: it is extremely rare to see that westbound 580 back there before the 2 05 and to change. traffic is a jammed up for a couple miles beyond air base part way. it might take another 10 to 15 minutes but who knows how long it would take to clear out the back of.iup.
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>>: at the sun comes up you can make out the clouds the batter. they're clear skies above all of that. this is what we're expecting this afternoon. light showers here or there or a pop-up of the stone.thunderstorm. the loss angeles area is all working its way up the staid and will eventually work here and will it come down into the full brand? by chance of a shower exist going into the evening as well and that to which that tomorrow.
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>> james: a 20-year-old man has died after lightning struck 13 people at popular venice beach. the los angeles county coroner says the man was taken from the beach and pronounced dead at a hospital sunday afternoon. the lightning struck as rare summer thunderstorms hit southern california. >> james:thirteen people, including a 15-year-old boy, were examined after the strike. they had effects ranging from anxiety to needing cpr, although not all may actually have been struck. >> james:nine went to hospitals, where one remains in critical condition. >>: might cast a lot of and it sat through my body. i looked up and everyone else was falling over. and >> james:lightning also struck a 57-year-old man on
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a golf course on catalina island. he's in stable condition. >> darya:one home has been destroyed in a small community outside yosemite national park. here's video out of mariposa county yesterday. >> darya:at last check, the fire burned more than two thousand acres. it started saturday. >> darya:the fire could continue to grow today. as firefighters brace for high wind and >> darya:firefighters continue to battle a wildfire that has destroyed ten homes and forced hundreds of evacuations in the sierra nevada foothills. >> darya:officials say the sand fire has burned about 38-hundred acres in amador and el dorado counties since friday. and is now 50 percent contained. >> darya:about 500 homes have been evacuated near plymouth in amador county's wine-growing region. >> james:a california senator is calling for a criminal investigation into problems with the new bay bridge construction.
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j. >>:mark desaulnier is investigative report will show how substandard work by a chinese firm was knowingly accepted by state officials. >> james:that report will be released later this week. a hearing is expected to take place on august 5th. >> james:the senator say.he expects some witness testimonies that are quote "quite disturbing". >> darya: said there weather hits tennessee and we have new video this morning. taking a live look this morning you will see them with gray start today that today is 70 degrees.
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>>: interstate 580 headed into livermore traffic is a back up towards the west bound. the overturned rate is not blocking to lange's. -lanes >>: it's going to be hours before this accident it's clear. as we see it's it
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back that the i'm that to 05 and a change. >> darya: gas prices are plummeting across the u-s. dropping nine cents a gallon over the past two weeks. triple-a reports the national price of gas is now >> darya:that's despite a rise in crude oil prices. here's a look at gas prices in the bay area. >> darya:in san francisco. drivers are paying an average of $4.12 in oakland. $4.01 and san jose. $4.00 >> james:in florida. a man walking along a florida beach was killed by a small plane that crashed on top of him near sarasota. >> james:the man was walking on the beach with his 9 year old daughter. judd i'mshe was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> james:authorities say.they received a distress call from the plane.before it the pilot and his passenger
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>>: doesn't overturn the big break as you can see it's on its side. now that it's the day like we can actually see what's going on out here. why is the chp leaving this area shutdown and the reason they haven't lifted it is because they can't pass to beat up loaded. let's get a overhead low.ok.
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>>: in the westbound direction that to laugh lines are shut down and the new estimated time for opening is 9:00. the construction city just about be gone when it was westbound hear from fairfield. and three lanes were shutdown until 6:00 this morning. it looked at the bridges for you and the media lights are on. >>: we haven't tried any
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problems yet for their 101 southbound. no backup here even in the cache appliance. the >> darya:severe weather caused quite a bit of damage in southeast michigan over the weekend. and >> darya:first responders were forced to act fast after a lightning strike set a house and >> darya:in other communities rain flooded the streets and heavy winds ripped down trees. >> darya:downed power lines sparked several other fires including burning another house anda vacant building. law enforcement officials have set up a command post and a school is open for anyone left homeless by sunday's severe storms in
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tennessee. >> james:authorities are still investigating if a tornado that ripped through, destroying at least 10 homes. >> james:there are no reports of deaths or injuries. >>: the lives look right now doesn't show much rain at the moment but as we pulled it out you see more activity. it will hit the bay area this afternoon but what form will it take when it gets here. we have a slight chance of an afternoon shower. that moisture will combing the just right. this is how looks now. the sun is coming up and beginning to brighten up out there. temperatures
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will follow this path and by noon time it will be '70s by the day and '90s and the afternoon for east bay. it was still about a mile by the day by seven or 8:00 it will cool down by the water otherwise it will cool down as we get into the evening. >>: slightly warmer down and the valley. well look for low to mid 90's and the east bay delta region and the livermore valley. upper 74 leandro. an oakland. san
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francisco is downtown the 70. and the chance for a pop-up sprinkle or to is in the mix. the >>: according to ukrainina officials.information from the flight data recorders shows the malaysian plane downed over eastern ukraine suffered an explosion after it was hit with fragments of >> darya:that data recorder was sent to experts for further exaination. >> darya:meanwhile, human rights officials with the united nations are calling for the downing of the plane to be >> darya:and fighting near the crash is preventing an international police team from getting to the site and recovering the remaining bodies of the victims. >> james:new pictures from the u-s state department
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appear to show that russia is firing into ukraine from inside russian borders. >> james:the state department released pictures which they say show blast marks where missiles were fired from on the russian side, and corresponding impact craters on the ukrainian side. >> james:u.s. leaders say the pro russian rebels in ukraine couldn't continue without russian support. these are the strongest u-s allegations yet of direct russian involvement in the fighting. >> darya:governor jerry brown is in mexico for the next couple of days. he is set to talk about the immigration crisis with the country's president. >> darya:brown is meeting with president enrique nieto and then with central american diplomats and religious leaders. these meetings come as a surge of unaccompanied minors and families have october. governor brown also expected to talk about trade investments, education and environmental issues. >> james:closing arguments this morning in the trial to see if donald sterling's estranged wife can sell the l=a clippers for two billion dollars.
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former microsoft ceo steve ballmer wants to buy the team. e. >> james:sterling's lawyers though plan to argue that his wife had no right to make the deal with ballmer, even though he gave her written authority to make the sale. >> james:sterling also claims he was tricked into taking mental exams that found he had signs of alzheimer's disease. closing arguments set for 10 this morning in los angeles. and >> darya:today marks 100 years since the start of world war one. >> darya:it was on july 28th, 1914, when austria- hungary declared war on serbia after the assasination of archduke franz ferdinand. >> darya:the war would soon spread throughout europe -- and across the globe. >> darya:the u-s attempted a policy of neutrality but hostilities with germany led the u-s to declare war against that nation nearly three years after the war started. world war one would end a year later -- in 1918. >>: people are worried
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>> james: the dollar treat is buying family dollar for a eight and half a billion dollars. to bid emerges during the opening bell.
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>>: they're boxed and there all on the side for the road. why have they left the to the last lap and lange's shutdown. ? we asked will? >>: the answer is they don't want people flying by. if they're not blocking traffic why don't you move them to the side?
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>>: they don't want to lift that everything and remove cruises from the scene and people call it 911 anyway. and they do not want to be bombarded with calls. >>: the other reason is they want people to slow down through here and there is also diesel spilling through here. we all know how dry california is. >>: i gave them a lot of george question , and
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now they've created a slider. their tone and the roof of the truck and i slighting the fruit down. >>: in the meantime this terrible as westbound traffic is backed up all the way to tracy. people also die by wondering why it is so slow. they purposely want to keep this thing it's slow. >>: and to trace it all the way till to 05 beds the
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backing. late construction is then picked up. if you're headed towards the bay bridge not too bad of rise. >>: we have the chance of seeing a spread of this afternoon. locally not a lot going on. the venice beach produce lightning in that system is working its way or at least the moisture. a pop-up thunderstorm depending on the heat and moisture if it mixes. we
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have a cloud cover. >>: clouded by the day and partly cloudy this afternoon. i-the east brae could be 90 degrees. the >>:the bart parking fee is going up at some stations today. >> darya:it will cost you $2.50 to park at ashby, castro valley, dublin- pleasanton, el cerrito plaza & del norte, glen park, macarthur, north berkeley, san bruno, and west dublin/pleasanton. >> darya:parking at west oakland goes up to $6.50. the bellparking lot usage is evaluated every 6 months. the >>:if the lot at a station is full, then the daily parking fee may increase by 50¢. and >> darya:if the lot is less than 95% full, then the fee may decrease by 50¢. and >> darya:bart's parking fee
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policy has a $3 parking daily fee maximum, except at west oakland. >> james:well ahead of the next election. the fight over san francisco's proposed soda tax is already on. and >> james:people against sugary drinks went door to door yesterday to get their message out to voters. j. >>:members of "choose health sf" are worried people are getting mixed messages on the tax. >> james:they say although they're sugary drinks. diet soda and juice are exempt from any cost increase. supervisor scott weiner says this is just like a >>: this is no different than as cigarette tax which is why you seen the decline and smoking rates >> james:if the soda tax passes. it will bring in revenues between 34 and 55 million
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and >> darya:a driver plowing through a crowd at the annual comic-con zombie walk. >> darya:it happened around 5:30 saturday. and >> darya:san diego police say the man was with his family in their car waiting for the walkers to go by. the family is deaf. and >> darya:the man waited several minutes and then rolled through because his small children were afraid of the crowd. >> darya:several people surrounded the car and started punching it, causing the father to drive forward again. >> darya:this time, a woman in her 60s was hit and fell under the car. the >>:onlookers cheered as police later put the driver into a squad car. the injured woman was taken to a local hospital.
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>>: a new hot spot in the cupertino sat down highway 85. a power pole caught fire and now north and south bound highway 85 has been shut down. this will create this new and major snack.
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to engage students in schools and special education classes. while ginger visits folks in the hospital offering quiet comfort. with your help, we can do even more! make a donation at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people. on patterson on 580 westbound and overturn the big red. completely jamming of this writing. the lead
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role work has been picked up. here a major problem in sunnyvale. a power pole caught fire and drought live wires across both directions of all lanes of highway 85. this is a major snag in the commute. the foothill expressway is another alternate route. the silently jammed up coming into cupertino from the saratoga. >>: the bay bridge does not have a lot of traffic. and
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the san mateo bridge is still smoldered as well. the golden gate bridge is easy also. and that the richmond braves is starting to see a backup and the right hand in cash lying to. but not in to 580 through richmond. >>: may be a pop-up thunderstorm depending on how things develop. headed south the california system did create the rain and lightning and it's moving in either direction. this gives us the possibility of a pop- up thunderstorm. bring your umbrella just in case. a lot of upper fifties and low 60s
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right now. once of those to start to break up the temperature will climb its way up the thermometer. low to mid 90's. for places like the all mountain valley. '70s still expected an end during the 8:00 hour. >>: we are looking for a '90s and land for the east and the south. it looks like low to mid 80's and around the east bay. in similar conditions tomorrow. the rain showers will leave us after to said. on thursday the temperature is actually cool a bit and that is the weather. >> james: a woman was shot
6:48 am
in the florida while admiring a-frames a gun collection. 822 caliber a discharge and his head in the head. the >>: and a video that has gone of our role of man and his girlfriend were swimming and 10: and that lightning struck nearby. creating a mini fireball. gabe >>: teaching your kids how to ride a bike can be
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very frustrating and terrifying. the gyro bike is a self a balancing the bicycle. it does not tipped over. >>: we put a gyroscope and the front wheel as children arrive. as the child means that one way or the other the scope changes of the lane. >>: kids are dependent on the training wheels and with the gyro bike they can instantly learn and the balance needed. some kids
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even learned under 20 minutes under the gyro bike. the 12 x model is $249. we're taking orders now and shipping and january. >>: a lot of bay area sports the giants not all the hand it over the lead there were swept by the dodgers. getting some defensive help here there was a great diving stock firing of the first. crawford hit skyline drive down the line and the dodgers were up for it stood to and this one. the giants
6:51 am
were out scored 17 to four and this three game series and there again in half behind the dodgers. >>: the next batter was a shot down the left-field line. they still have the best record in baseball with 65 wins. and they're only two games ahead of the angels. >>: alden smith is and the cain camp. >>: you go through things and life and i've learned a
6:52 am
lot from my mistakes. >>: yes he went to rehab last september and he has been sober since then. he is kind of your pick for a breakout system for season. how will he be the this season as you can see he's cut his hair and sing the right thing he looks more professional. in >> darya: we will be right back.
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we are following a story out of livermore. >>: it's and at the sunnyvale


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